Sindh Education Sector Support , Pakistan

Warrick Page



Key dates

Queries by: Thursday 30 June 2016

Replies to queries posted by: Friday 15 July 2016

Apply by: Friday 29 July 2016

Start date:  Friday 19 August 2016

End date:  Friday 18 November 2016


We are looking to appoint a reputable agency or individual with the following qualities:

  • strong market research portfolio, evidenced by previous projects
  • experience working in Education, especially in Pakistan
  • strong dedicated team with suitable experience and qualifications
  • understanding of the British Council’s objectives
  • experience of designing questionnaires used in published works


We wish to commission an individual or organisation to undertake market research to understand what Pakistani private schools require from their English teachers and teachers teaching in the medium of English.

Through qualitative interviews, classroom observations and self-assessment tools, the study should identify what skills head teachers expect teachers have, the extent to which teachers are meeting these expectations and the skill gaps that may exist. 

The study should encompass all types of private school, ranging from elite private schools to low cost private schools. The analysis should consider how private schools requirements may differ based on location, type of school and different levels of school (eg in primary and secondary school). 

The project would have two distinct aspects: the first phase should assess the potential current skills gap - analysing teachers’ knowledge and abilities, schools’ expectations and the difference between these. 

This phase should consider a variety of skills, and should consider both English teachers and teachers teaching through the medium of English. The tools should assess current ability as well as the extent to which they perceive a specific skill to be important. The analysis should then incorporate the current ability, the skill gap and the level of importance of a specific skill to assess where the most cost effective and impactful interventions might be found. 

Phase two of the project should focus more specifically on the types of interventions that private schools would be willing to invest in. This data should then be considered alongside the data from phase one to provide clear recommendations for the British Council. 

How to apply:

Please read the Invitation to Tender, complete Annex 1 (Mandatory Information) and Annex 2 (Supplier Response Form). Submit these documents to no later than Friday 29 July 2016.  

  • Please ensure that you send your submission in good time to prevent issues with technology – late submissions may not be considered.
  • Supporting evidence (PDF, JPG, PPT, Word and Excel formats only - other formats should not be used) can be provided to substantiate your response – please ensure that all attachments/supporting evidence is clearly labelled with the appropriate question number.
  • Completion and submission of your response does not guarantee award of any BC contract