Consultancy: ELT in Laos

Type Consultancy
Key dates

Deadline: Friday 30 September 2016

Start date: October/November/December 2016 preferred (funding available only within the 2016/17 financial year)

Days: 20 working days’ desk work plus 10 working days in Laos

  • Track record in successful ELT management at a senior level, including business planning, financial planning and academic and business management
  • Experience of delivering EL training courses in difficult circumstances
  • Familiarity with relevant UK-produced teaching resources and sources of expertise 
  • Track record of developing excellent relationships with government stakeholders/clients in an international context
  • Consultancy skills
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Experience of managing the successful delivery of EL courses to government clients (desirable)


In June 2015 the Laos National Assembly debated a new bill designed to promote modernisation of the education sector linked with the proposed Education Sector Development Plan for 2016/20. A centrepiece of the draft legislation is a requirement to make English a compulsory second language in all schools from Grade 3 (primary), replacing the current situation where English is taught from Grade 6 as the most popular foreign language option but is not mandatory.

Following on from this bill, in February 2016, the British Embassy in Laos commissioned the British Council to investigate the current state of English language teaching in Laos and to make recommendations for its development. In discussion around the resulting British Council report, the Ministry of Education stated an interest in setting up a Centre of Excellence for English language teaching in Vientiane, which would train government officials needing to be able to operate in English in international forums, but would also establish a benchmark for high quality English language teaching in Laos. 


We are seeking a UK consultant who will be able to review the initial plans of the Ministry and, in consultation with relevant stakeholders, including ELT provider institutions currently operating in Vientiane, produce a realistic and costed business plan for the Centre of Excellence. We anticipate that the primary focus of the consultancy will be: 

  • understanding the role of the Centre of Excellence, and the expectations of relevant government departments 
  • understanding the needs of potential learners
  • in consultation with stakeholders, developing an operating model for the Centre including curriculum, assessment, premises, learning resources, quality assurance, management and staffing 
  • investigating the current provision available, as well as potential sources of funding in order to establish the overall feasibility of the Centre
  • producing, or commissioning the production (to be agreed with the British Council), of a sample set of teaching and learning resources for the Centre

Scope of work

The use of desk research time and time in Laos will be agreed with the British Council in Vietnam, but is likely to consist of around 5-10 days’ preparation/desk research prior to visiting, 2 weeks (10 working days) in Vientiane and 15 days’ desk work producing a full business plan, indicating levels, staffing model, curriculum and QA methodology, and producing/sourcing potential training materials and lesson plans. Time in Laos will include running a workshop with relevant stakeholders, conducting visits to local ELT centres, investigating options for staffing, and reviewing local resources costs and logistics. 


The consultant will deliver the following:

  • A mapping of current ELT channels for state officials: analysis of training needs and the standard of current provision
  • Analysis of possible funding channels
  • A stakeholder workshop to define the mandate of the Centre of Excellence
  • A business plan setting out the agreed operational, and financial/business model of the Centre
  • Recommendations for and examples of training materials for future Centre trainers
  • A high-quality presentation of findings and recommendations to be delivered to the British Embassy and Ministry of Education in Laos by the British Council

How to apply

If you are interested, please send an application to Nguyen Trang, with the title: ‘Laos ELT Consultancy application’. 

Your application should consist of the following:

  • your CV tailored to the above requirements
  • a short statement (max 400 words)  outlining your specific suitability for the role
  • your anticipated daily consultancy rate (note only the 35 working days will be reimbursed)
  • Clear indication of dates when available to travel to Laos (with options if possible)