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Deadline: Wednesday 29 October 2014


We would like to invite expressions of interest from mid to senior career researchers to review applications for the Global Innovation Initiative and the Institutional Links Programme which operate under the Newton Fund.

For further details on requirements for each call, please click on the relevant programme title:

Global Innovation Initiative

The Global Innovation Initiative (GII) is a shared commitment of the United Kingdom and the United States to support multilateral research collaboration between universities in the UK, US and designated countries.  GII will fund grants to university consortia focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)-related issues of global significance.  The initiative is funded by the British Council, the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and the US Department of State.

Researchers responding to this Expression of Interest should be able to review one or more of the following thematic areas:

Energy, environment and climate change: Proposals in this category will address issues related to preserving the environment, mitigating and preventing the effects of climate change, and changing the way energy is produced and used through alternative sources.

Urban development: Proposals in this category will address issues connected with rapid global urbanisation and solutions to the challenges of human population density including economic, social, and environmental effects. Proposals can address, but are not limited to, topics related to infrastructure, smart cities, and green and sustainable buildings.

Agriculture, food security and water: Proposals in this category will address issues related to innovative farming and cultivation techniques and practices, the ongoing access to and stable availability of sufficient and nutritious food, the availability of potable water, and water pollution.

Global health: Proposals in this category will address significant issues impacting human health in the global context, with an emphasis on improving health and achieving equity in health for all people worldwide.  Proposals will investigate innovative solutions which prevent disease, promote healthy and fulfilling lives, and reduce global health disparities.  Proposals which address either antimicrobial resistance or aging populations in a global health context are also encouraged.

Reviewers will be required to assess, score and rank proposals submitted to the initiative based on independent assessment against set criteria.  The outcome of the assessment, decided by multiple panels of reviewer, will inform the final decision on selection. There will be multiple panels in each thematic panel, and each panel will consist of at least 3 researchers. Panel membership will be renewable annually. Panellists are eligible to apply for a GII grant whilst they are active panel members. A Conflict of Interest form will be required from each panellist and members will not review proposals from their own institution. 

Each panel will meet once a year via a one to two hour webinar to assess the proposals in each thematic area. The webinars will be held in the afternoon (UK time) during the month of December/January (exclusive of the winter holidays). An honorarium of £160 will be given to each reviewer for participating in this process.

Newton Fund: Institutional Links

The Newton Fund is part of the UK’s official development assistance, and its aim is to develop science and innovation partnerships that promote the economic development and welfare of developing countries. You can find more information on the Newton Fund here: http://www.britishcouncil.org/society/science/newton

The Newton Institutional Links Programme is part of the wider Newton Fund Research and Innovation Collaboration Programme which aims to build UK-Partner country research and innovation partnerships centred on shared research and innovation challenges which have direct relevance to the partner country’s social welfare and economic development. The Institutional Links Programme is designed to complement the Newton Researcher Links Programme to establish links beyond the level of the individual researcher, giving opportunities for more sustainable research collaboration.

There will be five Selection Panels covering all remits. Mid to Senior Career researchers responding to this Expression of Interest should be able to cover one or more of the following subjects within the five panels:

Biological and Medical Sciences: Medicine/Dentistry/Medical Technology/Biology/Botany/Zoology/Molecular Biology and Genetics/Biochemistry/Cell Biology/Biophysics/Psychology

Engineering and Physical Sciences: Chemistry/Physics /Materials Science and technology/Astronomy and Space sciences/Geological Sciences/Archaeology (as a physical Science)/Mathematics/Computing science/Mechanical Engineering/Electrical and Electronic engineering/Chemical Engineering/Civil Engineering

Environment, Agriculture and Food Sciences: Veterinary Sciences/Agricultural Sciences /Forestry/Food science/Environmental and Climate Sciences/Oceanography/Geography (as a physical science)

Social Sciences: Architecture, building and planning/Economics/Development Studies/Sociology; Social Policy and administration/Anthropology/Psychology (as a social science); Geography (as a social science)/ Social Sciences and Public Health/Politics/Law; Business and administrative studies/Education

Arts and Humanities: Languages (ancient and modern)/Literature/Linguistics; Librarianship and Information Science/History; Philosophy/Theology and religious studies/Fine and Visual Arts; Design/Music/Drama/ Cinematics /Media /Conservation and Museum studies

The British Council’s Institutional Links Selection Panels’ purpose is to assess, score and rank proposals submitted to the initiative, based on independent assessment against set criteria.The outcome of the assessment by the Panels will be used to inform the final decision on selection, which will be made together with the national partners in each of the countries covered by the initiative. Each Panel will consist of between five and fifteen members. Each Panel will have a Chair, and a mixture of Mid to Senior career researchers. Panel membership will be on a rolling basis and renewable annually. Panel members are ineligible to apply for the Institutional Links funding whilst they are still active panel members.

The Panels will meet twice a year to assess the scheme and meetings will last one day and will be held in London. Travel and subsistence will be paid, along with an honorarium of £160 per meeting. Panel members will be expected to act as reviewers for a proportion of the proposals submitted and these will be sent to them by the British Council in advance of the Panel meeting.

The next panel meetings will take place in London between Monday 19 to Thursday 22 January 2015.

How to apply

If you would like to put yourself forward as a potential panel member for either programme, please fill out the expressions of interest web form by Wednesday 29 October 2014.  


If you have any further questions about the Global Innovation Initiative call, please email GII@britishcouncil.org

If you have any further questions about the Newton Fund: Institutional Links call, please email InstitutionalLinks@britishcouncil.org

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