British Council

Building effective energy communication capacity amongst the academic community in Ukraine


Call for proposals

Key dates

Deadline for submission: Thursday 9 April 2015


We are issuing a call for proposals for consultants to work with us on a project contributing to developing effective energy communication skills amongst the academic community in Ukraine. 

The consultancy will involve:

  • Designing and delivering a three day study visit to the UK for a group of scientists from Ukraine to learn first-hand about the best UK experience and practice in science/energy communication to government, media, and the wider public. The consultancy will involve development and implementation of a comprehensive visit programme including logistical arrangements in the UK.
  • Developing and deliver a two day follow-up communication training workshop in Ukraine based on the best UK experience and practice.

Full details are provided in the terms of reference document below.

Who should apply

UK or Ukraine based consultancies experienced in the subject area.

How to apply

Please submit your CV demonstrating relevant skills and previous experience, including evidence of involvement in similar communication projects.

Please also submit: 

  • indicative fee for consultation outlined above (list separately for UK study visit and the training workshop);
  • availability during time frame outlined above

Please add a brief report on a previous consultancy for a similar project (no more than 500 words).


For further information please contact Dr Viktor Kyrylenko, Contracts and Projects Manager for the British Council in Ukraine: viktor.kyrylenko@britishcouncil.org.ua.