2 June 2015

David Willetts, the UK’s former Minister of Universities and Science, suggested the government should free student loan restrictions to allow British students to use their loans for tuition fees at overseas institutions. 

Speaking at our Going Global 2015 conference on the different global models for sustainable higher education funding, Mr Willetts said:

"One of my regrets [of my time as Minister]: compared to other systems, where our system is weak is in funding students to go abroad. I think there is an implicit disguised protectionism in saying that your fee loans can only be spent in British universities.”

Willetts continued to say that the UK’s current system for funding higher education through government-backed student loans were justified by the results:

"More students are applying than ever before, there is more cash coming in to universities than ever before so I think that the controversial reforms that we introduced have been vindicated by the evidence."

For more information please read our full press release here.

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