Signing of an Agreement between the UK Government and the Mexican Government on the mutual recognition of higher education awards, titles, diplomas and academic degrees.

2 March 2015

The UK’s Minister for Universities and Science, Greg Clark MP, and Mexico’s Secretary of Public Education, Emilio Chuayffet Chemor, signed the agreement on 2 March 2015 on behalf of their governments in London.

The British Council has been appointed to convene and manage the technical commission across both the UK and Mexico. We have responsibility for completing the final Annexes to the agreement that will describe how it will work in practice.

Universities, Science and Cities Minister Greg Clark said:

"We want the UK to be the number one destination for science and research which is why we welcome the best and brightest brains from around the world. This Treaty will allow us to work closely with Mexico to push boundaries together and deliver exciting, innovative projects and opportunities for both countries."

John Bramwell, the British Council’s Director of Education and Society for the Americas, said:

"The treaty releases potential for increased university recruitment, increased research and increased academic mobility between our two countries, but equally importantly enables over 150,000 Mexican students currently blocked from making the best use of their qualifications to now do so. It also sets a standard for equivalent agreements in Latin America and elsewhere around the world, creating a true step-change in international academic collaboration for the UK, and with the UK."

Ambassador Socorro Rovirosa, Director of International Relations for the Ministry of Public Education, added:

"I am completely sure that the signing of an agreement on mutual recognition of awards will increase substantially the academic mobility which will strengthen the knowledge and labour exchange, as well as the economic development of both countries."

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