Professor Philip Altbach
Professor Philip Altbach

Director of the Center for International Higher Education (CIHE) at the Lynch School of Education at Boston College, Professor Philip Altbach spoke to us exclusively about his hopes and strategies for Going Global 2014 in Miami.

Professor Altbach’s motivation for attending this year's conference is to look out for trends in research and the key issues for speakers and delegates:

"[At CIHE] We conduct research about higher education issues in an international context. Our key responsibility is to communicate what is going on globally"

Reflecting on one of Going Global 2014's key themes, inclusivity, he asserted:

"We need to be careful about rich countries, especially English speaking countries, benefitting more than anyone else from internationally mobile students. There are inequalities in the system, differences of wealth, and the domination of global English.

"Most people working in the field want to do good and want to have a more equal relationship. How can we engage in cross border initiatives without strengthening the existing inequalities?"

Professor Altbach is speaking at a session on student mobility programmes, called 'Why send students away?':

"We will be launching research we conducted for the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and the British Council into government sponsored scholarship programmes that fund students from such countries as Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Kazakhstan, and others to study abroad."

He noted that despite the USA hosting a third of the world’s international students, their higher education sector is not as much concerned with international issues as other countries:

"Because Going Global is being held in America it will attract more Americans and expose them more to issues of concern worldwide. America is notably insular, despite the fact we are a world power. 

"We need to be sending more US students overseas for a study experience in another country".

Read our full interview with Philip, including his views on commercialisation and corruption in international education.

Professor Altbach’s interview is one of a series of interviews with Going Global 2014 speakers conducted for the British Council by Media FHE, providers of the HE intelligence service HEi-know.

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