Monday 15 August 2016

Students perceive many positive impacts from study abroad, including improved confidence, greater communication skills, and better job prospects. 

These findings come from our new report Broadening Horizons 2016: Maximising the impact of study abroad, a survey of a sample of UK students currently in higher education. Through the Broadening Horizons research series, we aim to capture and track over time the views of students on the drivers for and barriers to international study.

Education Intelligence Research Director Zainab Malik commented “Our research shows that, after study abroad, UK home students are eager to share their wisdom and worldview with their peers. By inspiring returned students to unpack the lessons learned while overseas and to be advocates for study abroad and for international students, the life-changing effects of the experience are maximised and shared.”

For more about the research and the findings, please read our press release: UK students say study abroad increases job prospects.

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