Newton Fund: new international research grants

16 October 2014

New grants were launched this week to build collaborations between the UK and key partner countries in academia, industry and the third sector.

Launched in partnership with the UK HE International Unit and national in-country partners, our new Institutional Links programme is delivered under the Newton Fund.

This new programme aims to establish links beyond the level of the individual researcher and innovation practitioner, in order to create more sustainable, solution-oriented research and innovation collaborations. 

Leading and Established Researchers are invited to submit a proposal for grants of £50,000 – 300,000 (unless specified otherwise) to be used over two years, for collaborations between the UK and a partner country. Partner countries include Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines and Vietnam. 

Grants are intended to provide small-scale seed funding to:

  • Initiate new research and innovation collaborations between academic groups, departments and institutions in partner countries and the UK
  • Develop existing collaborations at group, departmental and institutional level
  • Encourage these collaborations to work with non-academic organisations and individuals to support the exchange of research and innovation expertise and the translation of research knowledge into tangible benefits
  • Establish local hubs for UK-partner country activity in a particular area, enabling engagement from the wider research and innovation community.

The total amount of funding available for this call is up to £6 million, depending on matching contributions from partner institutions. This launch follows the success of our Researcher Links programme, which forges links at the individual researcher level.

About the Newton Fund

The Newton Fund is a £375 million fund (£75 million a year for 5 years starting 2014/15).  Through the Newton Fund, the UK will use its strength in research and innovation to promote the economic development and social welfare of partner countries. By working together on bi-lateral and multi-lateral programmes with a research and innovation focus, the UK will build strong, sustainable, systemic relationships with partner countries.  This will support the continued excellence of the UK research base and innovation ecosystem and act as a key to unlock opportunities for wider collaboration and trade.