David Adamson

1 June 2015

The UK's newly appointed minister for Universities and Science, Jo Johnson, spoke at the opening plenary of Going Global 2015 - our leading international higher education conference. Making his first speech since being appointed this May, he promised delegates the UK government would "continue to ensure that our excellent education system remains a magnet for brilliant minds". 

Johnson also stated that it was a personal aim to get rid of the misconception that the UK has a poor attitude to international students, telling the audience that the UK welcomed all genuine students.

“There is no cap on the number of students who can come to study in the UK and no intention to introduce one. Nor is there any cap on the number of former students who can stay on to work - as long as they have a graduate job.” Johnson said.

He also shared a government commitment to increase education exports from £18bn in 2012 to £30bn by 2020. 

Also speaking at the opening plenary, our Chief Executive, Ciarán Devane, emphasised to the international leaders that openness was the ‘lifeblood of learning' and essential for higher education to thrive.  

Devane said "Openness is the foundation for new ideas, it brings frank exchange, strong partnerships and isn’t afraid to champion innovation and new thinking – and in this environment, higher education through learning and research, can thrive".

Read our full press release on the opening plenary.

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