GOING GLOBAL 2017, Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 May 2017

Going Global is an open forum for global leaders of international education to discuss current issues. In addition to being the platform for education world leaders to debate international higher and further education issues and challenges, and to discuss collaborative solutions, the event provides an opportunity for networking, and has become a fixture of the global education calendar.

The conference consists of a series of collaborative sessions that focus on the year’s chosen themes. More than 1,200 delegates from across the tertiary education sectors and various other sectors with perspectives on international education attend each year.

Going Global 2017 will take place at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in London from the Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 May 2017. 


This year's conference theme Global cities: connecting talent, driving change will explore how universities and colleges support city-regional economies and social and civic engagement, connecting the world's cities to global knowledge and talent and addressing global challenges.

We live in an era characterized by both globalisation and urbanisation with more than half of the world’s people living in cities and towns. Universities and colleges are the global connectors among the world’s fast-evolving knowledge economies and cities are the beating hearts of innovation. This urban-global age provides tertiary education institutions with unprecedented opportunities to mobilise their expertise, prepare young people for the future and drive forward research and policy agendas at the city, national and global levels. Yet the urban-global age also poses challenges for universities and colleges and the cities and towns of which they are a part, not least because of the changing nature and locations of tertiary education delivery. 

The themes will focus on:

  • Research and innovation
  • Talent development and flows
  • Societies and communities
  • Leadership

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