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30 July 2014

Going Global has announced the theme for the 2015 conference on connecting cultures, forging futures. The conference, to be held in on 1-2 June 2015 in London, will explore how the fusion of diverse cultures generates the creative force which is a major catalyst of cutting edge innovation.  

This will be explored through three perspectives:

National, regional and local cultures: the extent to which connecting people and ideas across these produces innovation and impact.

Academic discipline and subject cultures: the impact of multi-disciplinary teams and cultures of research, teaching and skills development.

 Organisational cultures: universities and business; skills providers; NGOs; social and other enterprises.

Across these three perspectives, how do networks of innovation evolve and grow? What role do universities and other tertiary institutions play globally in connecting diverse cultures and in anchoring and sustaining networks of innovation?

Going Global is an international forum for education world leaders to meet and discuss higher and further education issues and challenges, and to seek collaborative solutions. 

The call for proposals for Going Global 2015 will open on 27 August. For further details please visit the Going Global website.