MOOCs going global, giving access - miracle or myth?


Wednesday 30 April 2014


Are MOOCs truly the new miracle solution set to democratise education, revolutionise pedagogical practices, and increase access to quality education for millions around the world? Are they, as Boxall (2012) claims, the ‘digital tsunami threatening to sweep aside conventional university education?’

Or are MOOCs more myth than miracle? Aren’t they perhaps just offering a second rate quality and student experience? With new blended learning models and credit creation creeping onto the scene, what purpose do MOOCs really serve? Isn’t the claim of democratising education merely rhetoric, while the reality is that they’re providing marketing and business opportunities for already wealthy education providers?


Chair: Prof. Paul O'Prey, Vice-Chancellor, University of Roehampton, UK


Prof. Apoorvanand Jha, Professor of Hindi, University of Delhi, India

Prof. Adam Habib, Vice-Chancellor, University of Witwatersrand, South Africa

Prof. Daphne Koller, CEO and Founder, Coursera, USA

Simon Nelson, CEO, Futurelearn, UK

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