Report: Broadening Horizons 2014


Broadening Horizons 2014: Embedding a culture of overseas study


April 2014


Elizabeth Shepherd


This report captures the views of over 7,300 UK and US students on studying overseas, with the aim of understanding the barriers, perceived and real, that students face when pursuing an international experience, and what factors may drive them to undertake an overseas experience in the future. 

It builds on a similar piece of research undertaken in 2013: Broadening Horizons: Breaking through the barriers to overseas study

Overall, the 2014 data show that 37 per cent of UK respondents were considering studying overseas, an increase of 17 per cent on the previous year. The biggest perceived barriers to studying overseas among UK students are worries about fitting in with another culture, lack of confidence in foreign language skills, and concerns about cost and foreign travel.

Through the Broadening Horizons research we hope to capture and track over time the views of students on international study opportunities, access to information, scholarships and the perceived barriers that prevent them from taking up the growing number of programmes on offer.