Report: Strategic Analysis of Welsh Higher Education Sector



Strategic Analysis of the Welsh Higher Education Sector, Distinctive Assets, March 2013


Virginia West

About this report

Parts of the higher education sector in Wales, and many of the further education colleges are experiencing a period of transformation. Capital and infrastructure developments will see both continue to develop and strengthen in the next 5 years and beyond.

This report identifies work in the higher education sector in Wales that is outstanding, unique or distinctive at the UK or international level. It is divided into the broad categories, which reflect the fact that much outstanding work does not fit into a single academic discipline or economic sector. Academics work in partnership a great deal – with academics in other departments and externally with industry, companies and other universities and colleges. Their work often deals with social challenges that do not fit within specific subject boundaries: work in Engineering or Agriculture, for example, may have outcomes that directly address problems in Health or Social Justice.

There are many examples across Wales of people, research, teaching, innovation and enterprise, partnerships, knowledge exchange, facilities and the student experience that fit this brief. Outstanding activity is identified in 11 areas: Life Sciences, Health and Quality of Life; Science and Engineering (including Advanced Manufacturing); Energy & Resources, Earth, Oceans and Planets; Intelligent Systems and Smart Living; Sports and Tourism; Creative Industries; Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and Educational and Social Access and Justice.