Report: The Future of Design Education in India


The future of design education in India


November 2016


British Council and India Design Council


This research report provides up-to-date information and analysis of the changing landscape of the design sector in India.  Drawing from real experiences of design institutions and industry, it has confirmed the increased demand of design in the country and its consequences, the importance of international collaborations identifying key opportunities, and finally, the role of Indian government interventions.

By 2020, the potential market for design in India is expected to be INR 188.32 billion (GBP 1.43 billion) with a need of designers of 62,000. Given the rising educational aspirations, openness to pursue alternate careers, employment opportunities and increased affordability of higher education, and conducive government initiatives, the number of design institutes and design aspirants are increasing every year.

The survey among Indian institutions has indicated that the United Kingdom is one of the most favoured countries both for international collaboration and study destination for design students. The Indian government acknowledges the role of foreign universities in achieving its mission of transforming India into an Asian higher education hub and there are positive signs of a major policy initiative in this direction coming through. UK universities could take the lead in harnessing this major opportunity in India by strategically working to fill some of the gaps in the design education system by entering into long-term partnerships for mutual benefit.

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