Report: New media Chinese delegation reciprocal visit to UK

Image copyright: James Glossop / Guzelian


Report on new media Chinese delegation’s reciprocal visit to the UK


15 April 2014


This report summarises a Chinese new media delegation's visit to the UK from 10 March to 18 March 2014. This reciprocal visit was built on the success of the first Sino-UK Higher Education co-operation in New Media Industry in November 2012 in China and round two of the programme in December 2013 in China. The programme aims to:

  • Showcase creativity and up-to-date innovations of new media discipline in both Chinese and UK higher institutions.
  • Facilitate the set-up of strategic partnerships of new media discipline between Chinese and UK higher institutions.
  • Foster links between higher institutions and industries to achieve academic-industrial-research cooperation.

Over the eight days, the Chinese delegation visited four UK Universities, where they were met by senior staff, visited local new media companies, and attended a high-profile Sino-UK New Media Forum, also attended by Mr. Xiang Xiaowei, Minister Counsellor for Culture from the Chinese Embassy in the UK.

This trip has consolidated the initial institutional academic-industry links initiated in China back in December 2013 and the delegates were reportedly inspired by the innovative and close university-enterprise links in the UK.

The collaboration project also falls under the British Council’s Knowledge Economy Partnership strand of the international higher education programme, aimed at providing a platform and framework for the creation of sustainable and multilateral partnerships that link the higher education sector, government and business communities to drive forward global, regional and national knowledge economies.