Video: Going Global 2015 THE's Asia Rankings

Exclusive preview of THE’s Asia University Rankings 2015


June 2015


Phil Baty, Editor, Times Higher Education, UK

Linda Chang, Director for Global Alliances - Office of International Affairs, National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Miguel Antonio Lim, EU Marie Curie PhD fellow - Department of Education, Aarhus University, Denmark


Phil Baty explored the methodology and the results ahead of their official global release, while Miguel Lin looked beneath the data to explore the characteristics of a typical world ranked university. Linda Chang described how global rankings have influenced the governance and administration of a leading Taiwan institution, even changing institutional culture. 

The session provided unprecedented insights into the data behind the rankings, explored the rankings’ effect on institutional management, offering valuable lessons for organisational cultures.

This session was curated by Phil Baty, Editor, Times Higher Education, World University Rankings, UK, as part of our 2015 guest curated session series

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