Video: Going Global 2015 Closing Plenary

A new generation of leaders: through their eyes


June 2014


Chair: Alison Goddard, Editor- HE, Research professional, UK


Josh Barnett, Students’ Union President, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK

Dr Jo Beall, Director - Education and Society, British Council, UK

Tina Liu, Senior Consultan, Country Manager - China, Drewry, China

Mosa Mangaka Leteane, President - Student Council, University of the Free State, South Africa

George Mpanga (George the Poet), British spoken word artist with an interest in social and political issues 


The closing plenary of Going Global 2015 saw a group of young leaders provide their unique perspectives on higher education. This session includes an exploration of the panels experiences of tertiary education and what purpose they think universities and colleges should serve.

The panel discussed the social responsibility of these institutions and if they have a legitimate role promoting and safeguarding equity, justice and democracy. The session then looked to the future questioning what the aims of Universities and colleges should be.

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