Report: New Horizons - higher education and skills, S. Asia


New Horizons: From Awareness to Action - Higher Education and Skills in South Asia


June 2015


Over the past two years, the British Council in South Asia has, through policy dialogues, new research and on-the-ground insight been building up a comprehensive picture of the tertiary education landscape in South Asia.

This report is the second in the series, building on the 2014 seminal publication on the current state of tertiary education in South Asia. Our earlier report, entitled Revolution and Realities in the New Economic Order clearly outlines the calls to action for South Asia and the UK’s higher education and skills sectors to address.

The demographic time bomb of South Asia’s rapidly growing youth population, the pace of social change and South Asia’s elevated position in the new economic order has created a critical mass of latent potential. If the challenges outlined in this report are left unaddressed, there could be serious consequences, not just for the countries concerned but for the region and globally.