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Mat Wright

Friday 20 February 2015 -
09:30 to 18:00
University of London Institute in Paris

Worlds apart? Internationalisation of higher education in the anglophone and francophone worlds


Although London is just over two hours by train from Paris, our higher education worlds are very distant and particularly so in international matters where France reaches out to the francophone world and the UK to its anglophone counterpart. Our respective worlds are also coloured by a fundamentally different philosophical approach to higher education with notable divergence in the relationship of institutions to the state, institutional types, funding and curricula.

Areas to be covered by the seminar:

  • Centralisation versus institutional language use and identity
  • Geography
  • Strategic internationalisation
  • A competitive world 


This roundtable seminar brings together a select audience interested in understanding the issues and building bridges between these two worlds. It aims to build awareness between the different approaches to internationalisation and develop ways of bridging the gaps.


This event will be facilitated by Professor Drummond Bone and will include a range of experts from French and UK institutions.

Who should attend?

Pro Vice Chancellors, Deputy Vice Chancellors, senior international staff, senior policy staff



How to apply

Please use the link to register for this event: 


For further information please contact Collette Brown, Communications Officer, University of London Institute in Paris:

Address: 9-11 rue de Constantine, 75340, Paris


Tel: 01 44 11 73 96

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