Tuesday 27 March 2018 -
11:00 to 13:00
London, venue tbc

This workshop will provide a comprehensive overview of how audits and assessments of Sino-foreign joint programmes and institutes at bachelor degree level and above are conducted in China. The session is free of charge for UK institutions with current or planned transnational education partnerships in China.

The objective of the workshop is to provide insights into the TNE audit and assessment process, including how it is conducted, what impact it has on the management and operation of TNE programmes and institutes, and what the obligations and responsibilities are of foreign partners. The session will also discuss the implications of China’s recent review of TNE regulations and implementation guidelines.

During the workshop, experienced TNE practitioners and experts will break down the requirements and procedures for TNE audits and assessments, and share their experiences and best practice. The session will provide all participants with a better understanding of the regulations and processes of TNE audits and assessments, with an emphasis on the specific quality standards required for successful TNE delivery in China.

This is a unique opportunity for all UK institutions with current or planned transnational education partnerships in China to gain valuable insights into this area of education collaboration. The session will be delivered free of charge and will be chaired by Jazreel Goh, Director Education at the British Council in China. The workshop will be followed by a lunch reception for members of the UK-China TNE Providers Network. 


UK higher education institutions, further education institutions, schools and independent colleges, ELT providers, agents/advisors & school counsellors.

There will be a lunch reception for members of the UK–China TNE Providers Network from 13:00 to 14:00. 

How to register

The deadline has been extended until Monday 19 March 2018. Please follow the link below:

Contact for any enquiries.

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