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Mat Wright

Monday 06 November 2017 -
09:00 to 15:00

This is an opportunity to partner with a local university in Bucharest

We have two events designed to introduce UK universities International and TNE managers to senior representatives of the local universities that have the interest and capacity in creating a partnership. The events will take place in parallel within the campuses of two local universities:

1. The Bucharest University of Economic Studies  will host a meeting dedicated to exploring partnerships in the field of Economics and Business and Administration studies.

2. The University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest will host a meeting about cooperation  in Engineering and Computer science. 

Aims and objectives

The aim of the event is to build networks between UK and Romanian universities by providing participants with opportunities to explore student exchange, teacher training, research collaboration, curriculum and qualifications development.

Guests from UK universities, including Deputy or Pro Vice-Chancellors responsible for international strategies and International Partnership managers will learn about the Romanian higher education environment, meet decision-makers in Romanian universities and increase the visibility of UK universities in Romania and in the region.  Further to initiating TNE collaborations with the local universities, the UK higher education institutions will have the opportunity to showcase their Doctoral or Master’s degree programmes in specific areas such as Engineering, Computer science, Economics, Business studies.

Who can attend?

This event is aimed at Deputy Vice Chancellors in charge of International Relations, International Partnerships Managers, and TNE programmes leaders from institutions with a high profile in the specific subject areas that the host universities cater for. 


For further information about the event and to register, please visit the website.

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