Mat Wright

Wednesday 11 March 2015 -
01:30 to 17:00
RCPCH, London


Recent OBHE research commissioned by JISC highlighted the need for an early warning system for TNE and technology. It is often the last element to be considered in establishing and maintaining TNE activity - if it's even considered at all in the scoping stages. OBHE found a distinct 'isolation of IT staff from TNE activity decision-making . . . even overseas network arrangements.'

But technology is critical to building the student experience and underpinning activity, from overcoming digital accessibility barriers, to providing learning materials to students, to licensing, and to the student experience as a whole. Whether your institution is seeking a deluxe experience for TNE students, or starting with the basic package - successful TNE isn't possible without strong technological underpinning.

This HEGlobal event is supported by JISC.


  • To develop a clearer understanding of the technology challenges and opportunities of TNE and the support services available
  • Recognise, and start to overcome, the challenges of developing and managing TNE
  • Understand the technology issues to build into TNE planning from the outset
  • Begin to develop the tools for working across teams in the UK university to deliver seamlessly overseas
  • Learn from others about what can work well in incorporating technology into TNE planning and delivery
  • Improve the information base for developing institutional TNE strategies

About HEGlobal

HEGlobal is a joint initiative between the UK Higher Education International Unit and the British Council to support universities’ transnational education (TNE) activity. The events programme is designed to address the questions surrounding TNE using UK and international experts, enable the UK higher education sector to improve its knowledge of TNE whilst also offering excellent networking opportunities.



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If you'd like to join us at both this event and The Real Balanced Budget: the costs and income of TNE before, during and after being held on the morning of 11 March 2015, you can take advantage of a discounted rate of £70 for the second event you book. You will receive a discount code in your confirmation email when you book for this event, which you can then apply to booking the second event.

Discounts will only apply to the second event you book to attend on 11 March (the first will always be at full fee, and the second discounted if you use the discount code).

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