Revolution and realities in the new economic order

Thursday 22 January 2015 - 00:00 London

Global Education Dialogue: Transforming leadership, technology and skills

Key issues for development in higher education and skills for South Asia

This dialogue will: 

  • Bring together an audience of policy makers and game changers.
  • Examine in depth the current state of tertiary education in South Asia.
  • Aim to identify the policy actions and interventions required on each of the defining issues. 

Based on the findings and outcomes of Global Education Dialogues South Asia Series 1 in 2013-14, ‘Revolution and realities in the new economic order’ laid down the challenge to policy-makers in South Asia to rethink their tertiary education strategy to meet the urgent and immediate challenges facing the region.

The demographic time bomb, the pace of social change and South Asia’s elevated position in the new economic order has created a critical mass of latent potential which if unchecked could have serious consequences, not just for the countries concerned but for the region and globally.

The report identified four immediate areas for action:

  1. Develop new models of Higher Education provision that are flexible, scalable and underpinned by robust Quality Assurance frameworks.
  2. Ensure a systemic and sustained commitment to access and equity for women researchers, managers and leaders across the tertiary education spectrum.
  3. Deliver high value skills provision for both the short and long term economic needs that are flexible, of quality and relevant to the needs of countries and economies.
  4. Build new research networks and support business involvement in Higher Education to increase graduate employability and boost research particularly if they are to move up the value chain in terms of innovation and output.

The research and policy dialogues which underpin the report features the discourse and latest thinking from over 450 of the leading policy makers, academics, industrialists, and visionaries from across South Asia, UK, MENA and beyond.

Who should attend?

  • Strategic and/or executive decision-makers from government, education or business and have the authority to enact change or policy.
  • Internationally recognised experts, senior researchers and education leaders with an interest in the series themes.
  • Entrepreneurs, business and industrial leaders with an interest in education and employability.

Participants will be from the UK, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan, Iran and invited participants from China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Germany, France, UAE, Jordan, Egypt, USA and further afield. 

Follow the discussions on the day live on twitter using #TalkHE or @HEGoingGlobal.

Contact us

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