Wednesday 11 March 2015 -
09:00 to 12:30
RCPCH, London

The real balanced budget: the costs and income of TNE before, during and after


The value of TNE is notoriously difficult to quantify - best guestimates suggest it takes ten years to see a return, but that return is substantial for UK universities. Although our previous event 'The Value of TNE to the UK' gave us the greatest insight to date into what TNE costs HEIs and what TNE offers, financially and in wider benefit to, the UK, our knowledge remains patchy. Management practice needs to catch up, so that the professionalism of TNE can continue apace with the professionalism of other international agendas for universities. Join policy experts and practitioners as they look at the numbers, and work through ways to more realistically cost TNE activity from scoping the idea through to operation.


  • To develop a clearer understanding of the cost implications of international partnerships
  • Understand the value opportunities of TNE
  • Recognise, and start to overcome, the challenges of developing and managing TNE
  • Understand the limitations of value analysis and costing models in current practice
  • Learn from others about what can work well in achieving best value for your TNE activity
  • Improve the information base for developing institutional TNE strategies

About HEGlobal

HEGlobal is a joint initiative between the UK Higher Education International Unit and the British Council to support universities’ transnational education (TNE) activity. The events programme is designed to address the questions surrounding TNE using UK and international experts, enable the UK higher education sector to improve its knowledge of TNE whilst also offering excellent networking opportunities.



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