Monday 24 February 2014 - 00:00 to Wednesday 26 February 2014 - 00:00

The Association of Arab Universities with the support of Tempus and the British Council presents an inaugural workshop. Delivered by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, this workshop will look at the nature of globalisation and the subsequent need and opportunities for the internationalisation of Arab universities to enable them to play a larger and more effective role in the life of their nations and to create superior opportunities for their students, staff and stakeholders.

It explores the issues in greater depth, encourages the sharing of experiences across countries, enables participants to learn from successful practice in the Arab world and in the UK and will result in participants developing action plans.

Programme sessions will contain a mixture of presentations, discussions and feedback and there will be opportunities for participants to raise issues of specific concern within the topics.
Participants will be expected to review the current state of internationalisation of their universities before the programme and will be expected to develop an action plan during the programme that will form the basis of an evaluation of the impact of the programme.

The workshop will be preceded by the launch of the Arab European Leadership Network (ARELEN) in the morning and will begin after lunch on the afternoon of 24 February.

Event aims and objectives:

• To explore the nature of globalisation and its implications for higher education
• To evaluate different motives for and models of internationalisation and assess their applicability to Arab universities.
• To appreciate the merits of a strategic approach to internationalisation.
• To learn how to develop and implement an internationalisation strategy.
• To understand the nature of sustainable international partnerships and ways in which these can be achieved
• To develop an outline action plan for your university

Who can attend?

University presidents and rectors, vice-presidents and deputy rectors with responsibility for internationalisation. 

For further information, please contact Amal Serhan, Higher Education Co-ordinator, British Council, UAE email:


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