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Wednesday 08 October 2014 -
10:00 to 16:00

Opening our 2014/15 HEGlobal events programme, we tackle the big questions of transnational education and explore the very latest research findings.

Join us to discuss and debate the logistical issues of establishing, growing and maintaining a TNE offer within a host country and ensuring it is embedded in your institutional strategy. Discover the most recently mined data and trends from the British Council and the latest research to understand the current status of and future opportunities for TNE. Explore new case studies, including candid discussion of the ways that universities have overcome the challenges of TNE.

Event series

Wednesday 8 October 2014: Manchester

Wednesday 15 October 2014: Edinburgh

Friday 24 October 2014: London

This is the first event in the 2014/15 programme. To find out about future events please go to the HEGlobal website or email


Cost: £75

About HEGlobal Events

The UK HE International Unit and the British Council are launching a series of HEGlobal events. Designed to address the questions surrounding TNE using UK and international experts, the programme will enable the UK higher education sector to improve its knowledge of TNE whilst also offering excellent networking opportunities.

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