Mat Wright

Thursday 30 March 2017 to Friday 31 March 2017

Policy dialogue on collaborative solutions to support universities working more effectively with local government, stakeholders and businesses for the success of their cities. 

As well as taking part in the conference programme, representatives from the UK HE sector will have an opportunity to explore transnational education partnerships with HE providers in the region and meet stakeholders and representatives from universities to discuss partnership opportunities in Romania. 

This event is run in partnership with the University Polithnica of Bucharest.

Aims and objectives

We would welcome senior representatives from the UK examining throughout their keynote speeches at the conference the following aspects of the debate: 

  • How universities and colleges are developing as urban anchors, drivers of regional growth and ‘multipliers’ connecting cities, businesses and communities globally? 
  • Why developing cities have to foster community engagement and partnerships in education?
  • Which should be our role as universities in the areas of social enterprise, civic engagement, life-long learning?
  • Which are the main challenges in ensuring equality of access along with quality life-long learning in our cities.

The following breakout sessions will be scheduled in the conference agenda to offer opportunities for participants presenting their best practices in the following areas of interaction:

  • Research and innovation: universities and colleges are an important component of the innovation eco-systems of cities; a focus on how partnership between HEIs and local authorities provides cities with access to the world class knowledge and connections needed to grow and sustain their innovation and creativity;
  • Societies and communities: how institutions’ understanding of social challenges and social change contributes to the debates around the winners and losers inherent in the growth of cities; how they can engage local students, alumni networks and communities in delivering wider equity and prosperity to foster the success of their cities;
  • Leadership: how, tertiary institutions as part of the leadership of cities, contribute to the positioning and influence of their cities; how their leadership connects national and local policy initiatives.
  • Mutuality: How we can ensure physical learning spaces can serve the community, and how the community can support valuable learning spaces?


The event is free of charge, but participants will need to cover their travel and accomodation.


We welcome expressions of interest from UK university Vice-chancellors, Deputy Vice-Chancellors, PVCIs and senior leaders with a community engagement portfolio.  We also welcome Science and engineering Faculty heads and research community partnerships to speak and/or lead workshops at this conference.


For those interested in attending the event please contact gabriel.ivan@britishcouncil.ro.

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