The future relationship between universities and society

Wednesday 23 July 2014 -
18:00 to 20:00
Mitsubishi building, Tokyo

View from Tokyo Skytree, by JD, under Creative Commons Licence, on Flickr. 


To provide an opportunity for Japanese and UK universities and other related stakeholders to share examples of their public engagement activities, with the aim of exploring ways to stimulate further development in this area and possibilities for collaboration between both countries. 


Both UK and Japanese universities are confronted with ever higher expectations against a background of globalisation and rapid social change. They find themselves needing to undertake fundamental and wide-reaching reform of their education and research activities in order to meet the demands of society that they act as centres for knowledge creation and the development of human resources. They are under constant pressure to demonstrate the value of higher education to society. In the face of this situation, a serious debate has begun in both countries on the measures necessary to deepen the trust between universities and society, and to establish new forms of collaboration that will allow them to jointly produce and develop original knowledge.

The British Council symposium on The Relationship between Public Engagement, Research Impact and the Innovation Process in October 2013 presented an overview of public engagement activities in the UK, as well as the challenges involved. Following this symposium, there were many calls for an opportunity to learn from concrete examples of the measures being undertaken by individual universities. 

This seminar aims to meet those requests. Japanese and UK universities will share examples of their public engagement activities, with the aim of exploring ways to stimulate further development of this work in both countries. Moreover, it will provide opportunities to discuss possibilities for collaboration between the two countries in this area.  

Simultaneous interpretation will be available. 

Keynote speakers

Christopher Coe, Director of Public Engagement, King’s College London

Tetsuya Shirai, Ph.D., University Research Administrator, Research Administration Office, Kyoto University

Who should attend?

University academic, administrative staff and students, government personnel


For further information please contact Azusa Tanaka:

+81 3 3235 8080