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Mat Wright

Tuesday 24 October 2017

This event will provide attendees with an overview of the refugee crisis in Lebanon, with a particular emphasis on access to education

Lebanon has proportionately been much harder hit by the Syrian conflict than surrounding countries. Official counts indicate that one in four residents of Lebanon are now displaced Syrians, and the strain on the Lebanese economy and the Syrians themselves has been severe. Syrians are living around the country in urban areas or in more than 6,000 informal settlements that can be tents in the corner of a farmer’s field or unfinished buildings that have been converted to crude shelters.

Despite the size and urgency of the crisis, information reaching Western countries about the crisis is often distorted or absent altogether. In an effort to remedy this and to bring the energy and expertise of UK educators and students and to bear on the problem, the British Council has brought three professionals who work directly with Syrian refugees to the UK. 

This event is in association with Al-Fanar Media.

Keynote speakers

Nur Arab, Lebanese Humanitarian Worker

Mustapha Jazar, Founding Director, Lebanese Association of Scientific Research (LASeR)

Zeina Awaydate, Programmes Manager, Lebanese Association of Scientific Research (LASeR)


Attendees must register in advance with Shady Arafa:

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