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Sunday 23 November 2014 - 00:00 to Saturday 29 November 2014 - 00:00
Various locations in the UK

UK Study Tour: Palestinian Territories


Following recent British Council workshops on employability and entrepreneurship in the Palestinian Territories, university stakeholders indicated that this is an area that they would like to further develop at the institutional level. 

As part of its broader work in internationalising higher education, the British Council are supporting four universities to develop and deliver a whole-institution approach to employability, entrepreneurship and enterprise. This will be achieved through a combination of activities to develop capacity, develop relationships between the UK and the Palestinian Territories and improve the employability skills of Palestinian university graduates.  


The aim of this study tour is to facilitate an understanding of the ‘whole university’, strategy-led approach to employability, in which the institution develops and implements cross-university approaches to prioritise the employability of their students.  

This tour will be a starting point for this work and will provide key Palestinian decision-makers with a model of the strategy-led policy and how it works in UK institutions. It will also provide examples of innovative approaches to employability and entrepreneurship.  

Other goals are to: 

  • Demonstrate how employability has been integrated into the strategy and operations of the UK university and show how employers are key to the approach.
  • Show how different UK universities approach and implement employability strategies in different ways. 
  • Demonstrate the importance of strong leadership and a clear strategy for employability within institutions. 
  • Show how students and staff are involved in planning and implementing employability strategies.
  • Provide examples of career centres and centres for entrepreneurship, innovation and enterprise that have successfully contributed to the outputs of the university.
  • Show how the UK government, university leaders, staff, students and employers are all key players in successfully preparing students for the workplace.  

Who should attend?

This study tour has been designed for university leaders and faculty in universities in the Palestinian Territories who are interested in setting up and managing an employability strategy in their own institution. Participants will find out how to:  

  • Integrate employability into the strategic and operational management of the university and link this to the mission of the institution, with a view to implementing new approaches in their university. 
  • Use of a variety of innovative and creative approaches to employability, entrepreneurship and enterprise at the university level.
  • Engage with employers, students and staff so that they are central to the development, implementation and evaluation of employability strategy.


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