Four students walk through university grounds
Four students walk through university grounds ©

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Wednesday 12 February 2014 -
08:00 to 17:00
Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín

Global Education Dialogues: Inclusion, quality education and innovation - challenges of higher education in Colombia

By invitation

Developing countries are faced with the difficulty of preparing new generations to be able to tackle social and economic challenges in an increasingly globalised economy. This challenge requires not only widening access to those students graduating from high school, but also the provision of conditions to enable those students to acquire the necessary competencies to develop individually and to contribute to society.

The tension between access and quality in higher education is very clear. Access without quality leads to desertion, causing individual and social costs. It is for that reason that quality is a key factor in guaranteeing that students have access to training processes. These processes will allow them to develop integrally in conditions of equality (inclusive education) and that will respond to their interests and needs, at a regional and local context and the challenges of their country in terms of development and competitiveness.

Colombia has been developing different policies and strategies that have had an impact on the access to and quality of higher education. However, the challenges are still significant. In view of this, this Conference aims to bring together the academic community in an event which aims to making visible the ways in which innovative strategies regarding access, inclusion and pertinence can contribute to the reduction of the existing dichotomy between coverage and quality, through the interchange of meaningful experiences that are being developed in Colombia and in the United Kingdom.

Event aims and objectives: 

To open an opportunity to share best practices and discuss common concerns about the challenges that are facing Higher Education in Colombia, specifically in terms of quality education, inclusion and innovation.

Who can attend?

This Global Education Diaolgue is by invitation only. Senior-level representatives from universities, community and further education colleges, as well as representatives with an education remit from foundations, corporations and local government agencies. Please email or @coBritish #HESeries @HEGoingGlobal  

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