Wednesday 01 July 2015 - 00:00

The British Council’s Senior Adviser for Higher Education Internationalisation, Kevin van Cauter, will be speaking at the annual BUTEX Syposium which will focus on outwardly mobile students. In partnership with Anne Marie Graham, Head of Outward Mobility Programme from the UK Higher Education International Unit he will run a session entitled ‘Why students make the decisions they make on outward mobility.’

The session will present the key findings from new research by British Council and the International Unit’s ‘Go International’ programme, into the student’s perspective on the motivating and demotivating factors for study abroad or overseas work placements. It will also give participants an opportunity to share and discuss their own experience and how it correlates with, or diverges from, the research findings, providing a useful opportunity for colleagues to share their own experience of promoting mobility, converting applications to participation, and dealing with drop-outs.

Plese note this is a non-British Council event.

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