People discussing at a workshop

Mat Wright

Monday 06 November 2017

Keynote speakers

Cathy Shaw, Quality and Engagement Manager, QAA

John Bramwell, Senior Higher Education Adviser, British Council

Liz Dempsey, Higher Education Adviser, British Council

Aims and objectives

The event aims to both identify the best way of representing PSRB (Professional Statutory and Regulatory Bodies) interests in BREXIT negotiations, and to ensure that a future fair trade agreements includes appropriate protection (and promotion) of PSRB interests

The British Council will be presenting the education perspective, and seeking collaboration with PSRBs for future planning.


This event will provide PSRBs with the latest background information on their position post-BREXIT and now

BREXIT will eradicate the status of UK professional accreditation across the EU and with ‘third countries’ that the EU has agreements with.

The Mutual Recognition of awards will no longer be protected, nor will the transfer of accredited status and licence to practice. Over 2000 UK University awards carry professional accreditation – these awards will no longer be recognised in the EU after BREXIT. The House of Lords Select Committee has already highlighted that there are now  very significant economic and profile risks to the UK as a result of a current failing to consider accreditation, chartered status and licence to practice issues.

Who can attend?

This event is intended for representatives of PSRBs and will be invite only.


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