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We support collaboration between scientists in the UK and other countries, and build capacity and capability in research globally.

With society facing a number of wide-ranging and interlinked global challenges, international scientific collaboration is essential if we are to have any chance of addressing the causes, or dealing with the impacts, of these problems.

Diversifying and deepening the UK’s international research partnerships is also important for reinforcing the UK’s international reputation for science and research. Research citations are almost 50 per cent higher when institutions from more than one country are involved.

Our work complements the main UK science funders and learned societies.

Support for institutions

We help to strengthen research capacity in emerging and developing economies through science, research and innovation partnerships. Our activities centre on researcher and academic networks, capacity strengthening, and training, engagement and outreach.

Support for researchers

We support researchers to realise the impact of their work, in country settings and globally, and help lower barriers to entry to science and research. We offer particular support to early career researchers helping them to build the international networks that they need for a high impact career, through grant awards, workshops and placements.

These early connections can help to attract global talent to the UK and lay the foundation for long-term connections and collaborations. Through focusing on building the research capacity of emerging nations and the next generation of scientists, we position the UK as a strong and trusted partner in science.

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