Apply for grants to establish connections between universities and research and innovation institutes in partner countries and the UK.

About Research Environments

Research Environments grants provide financial support for capacity-strengthening and collaboration activities to develop and sustain medium- to long-term relationships between institutions in the UK and Egypt, Iraq, Thailand or Turkey.

Funding is available to establish new research environment connections – or significantly develop existing connections – between research groups, departments or institutions, with the potential for longer-term sustainability.

What is the focus of collaborations?

Research Environment collaborations aim to support capacity strengthening in partner institutions in either Egypt, Iraq, Thailand or Turkey.

They will also aim to stimulate longer-term interactions between the partner country and the UK.

What are the project aims?

Part of the Going Global Partnerships programme, Research Environments aims to:

  • support dialogue and knowledge exchange on academic standards, research governance and strategic research policy development
  • help promote an academic and research environment between partner countries and the UK, conducive to achieving maximum impact from high-quality research
  • build opportunities for the universities and institutions in the UK and partner countries to engage with the wider community and with policymakers
  • enable researchers to be more responsive to development needs in their countries and enable up-to-date research evidence to support policy decisions
  • support skills development to communicate and translate research into benefits for social welfare and economic growth
  • simplify researchers’ ability to conduct excellent research in areas most relevant to national priorities and fully realise its impact.

Application details

Proposals should be designed by the lead applicant in the partner country, with the support of a UK partner organisation.

Proposals can focus on any discipline or cross-discipline. There are no limits to the type of activities that can be delivered, as long as they respond to country needs.

Please see the guidelines for applicants document in the downloads section for further details.

  • Size of grant: Up to £50,000
  • Duration of grant: up to 12 months (up to 18 months for projects with Iraq)
  • ODA requirement: all applications must meet the required relevance to economic development or social welfare (see guidelines below for further information)

Eligibility criteria

Each proposal must have one lead applicant from the partner country and one lead applicant from the UK, submitting one joint application.

All principal applicants must be leading researchers or established researchers, as defined by the European Commission (see the European Framework for Research Careers).

Other eligibility criteria apply, some which are specific to countries. See full eligibility criteria in the guidance below.


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About Going Global Partnerships

Going Global Partnerships supports collaborative research by giving universities and researchers opportunities to create and nurture sustainable and equitable international connections. Through institutional partnerships and system-level collaborations, universities can strengthen international research links, whilst researchers can develop and expand partnerships with peers in other countries, leading to stronger, more diverse and collaborative research to address local and global challenges.