The new national strategy of the Republic of Uzbekistan requires significant reforms in education. A new state programme highlights the importance of learning and teaching foreign languages for the internationalisation of higher education in Uzbekistan.

To respond to national large-scale higher education reform, capacity development and internationalisation objectives, the British Council Uzbekistan in partnership with the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialised Education in Uzbekistan have launched the EMI (English as Medium of Instruction) in Higher Education project. Through EMI, 16 HEIs have been benefitting from the capacity development programme aimed at the enhancement of teaching practice in EMI in HEIs in Uzbekistan.

About this opportunity

The aim of the announced consultancy is to conduct an external impact evaluation of the EMI project in line with the British Council Results and Evaluation Framework. The focus will be on the impact of the capacity development programme for 16 partner institutions in Uzbekistan and the products designed as part of the project. The successful applicant will make strategic recommendations for stakeholders to continue development on the work that has already been done.

The evaluation will require:

  • Desk research (including baseline/context study, the review of project documents and other project materials)
  • Conducting interviews with the rectors of the Uzbek project partners, teachers, students, UK project partners and the British Council project team 
  • Three webinars with the project teams from 16 partner institutions to reveal the impact of the capacity development programme run within the project
  • Report writing
  • Communicating the study findings (this can include a webinar for the Ministry, universities, or participation in dissemination event(s) organised both within the British Council and with the Ministry, as well as contribute to the global publication if there is any planned)

Due to ongoing Covid-19 restrictions, all outputs will be delivered online. More information about the consultancy can be found in the Request for proposal and agreement in the Downloads section below.

Who can apply?

This consultancy opportunity is open to UK based consultants and UK registered education agencies and institutions with experience in running similar impact evaluations.

Bids submitted should not exceed GBP £9,000 inclusive.

How to apply

Please read all documents found in the Downloads section below before applying.

Interested individuals, institutions or organisations should contact Deputy Director of British Council Uzbekistan, Jamilya Gulyamova at or Programme Manager, Nilufar Begibaeva at

You must send Jamilya and/or Nilufar the following completed documents:

  • Supplier response form
  • Qualification questionnaire
  • Pricing approach form

(All three documents can be downloaded from the Downloads section below)


Please submit all completed documents to us by 16 December 2021.