29 June 2022

As part of the Going Global Partnerships programme, we will launch a series of funding opportunities to boost UK higher education providers’ international collaborations. Last year over £8.8million was awarded to institutional partnerships between the UK and 20 countries overseas.    

The new set of grants will enable UK higher education institutions to establish or strengthen research and teaching partnerships with higher education providers in target countries and play a vital role in strengthening the capacity of partner institutions in various areas such as quality assurance and gender equality. 

Funded opportunities are likely to include the following countries: Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine and Vietnam.   

Many grants will be announced between July and September 2022, and we encourage higher education providers to regularly check the list of opportunities on this page: https://www.britishcouncil.org/education/he-science/going-global-partnerships/funding-calls-opportunities. Please note that a small number of opportunities are already open for applications.

Take a look at a sample of upcoming opportunities below and get ready to apply! 

UK-China higher education grants strengthening institutional partnerships and academic collaborations. The grants aim to facilitate knowledge sharing and the establishment of principles of good practice between participating institutions, whilst cooperating on research and capacity building. 

UK-Vietnam grant to be awarded to a consortium of universities to develop digital literacy skills and capabilities, support change management, and create a digital transformation hub. The grant was recently announced at the high-level UK-Vietnam Education Collaboration Forum which we organised in London.  

Gender equality grants aimed at UK higher and further education providers and partner institutions in Bangladesh, Egypt and Pakistan. The grants aim to address the issues of violence against women and girls; women`s underrepresentation in higher and further education leadership; subject segregation, particularly in STEM careers and disciplines.

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Going Global Partnerships connects universities, colleges, education policy makers and other partners in the UK and around the world. 

This British Council programme offers you vital international opportunities - the chance to build relationships, to share ideas and good practice, to access grant funding for collaborative partnerships and more.  

Through this work, the programme contributes to stronger, more inclusive and globally connected tertiary education systems which support economic and social growth.