Chinese students talking around a table

Mat Wright


Measuring Our Cultural Dividends: How does interest in UK culture impact Chinese study decisions?


October 2017


Jazreel Goh, Director Education Services, East Asia, British Council

Matt Durnin, Regional Head of Research and Consultancy, East Asia, British Council

Kevin Prest, Senior Analyst, Education Services, British Council, East Asia, British Council


In surveys and interviews, students from mainland China often tell us that a country’s culture is a key factor when deciding where to study abroad, but what exactly does this mean, and how does it affect the UK? This British Council research answers these questions by exploring perceptions of the UK and other competing study destinations in the world’s largest student recruitment market. This report is intended to help education institutions better understand the UK’s cultural dividends and liabilities in China, equipping them to effectively communicate the quality and value of their offers in an increasingly crowded marketplace.