The shape of global higher education: national policies framework for international engegement


May 2016


How can national policies and regulatory frameworks create an environment conducive to international collaboration and engagement in higher education? 

‘The shape of global higher education’ evaluates the policies of 26 countries and identifies three areas where national governments can provide an enabling environment to their HE institutions to internationalise and forge collaborations:

i. Openness: government-level commitment to internationalisation; environment enabling international mobility of students, researchers, academic programmes and university research;

ii. Quality assurance and recognition: A regulatory environment to facilitate the international mobility of students, education providers and academic programmes.

iii. Access and sustainability: Promoting student/academic mobility and international research collaboration; consideration of possible unintended consequences of internationalisation. 

The accompanying Global Gauge is an interactive higher education policy monitor which summarises the responses against each of the 962 measures used in this evaluation, and lists the data sources used. 

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