Smiling young woman in lab coat. Photo by Mat Wright.
'An IAESTE traineeship offers students international work and academic experience.' Photo ©

Mat Wright.

Do you teach or advise UK students studying science, engineering, technology or applied arts? They may be eligible for a traineeship abroad with IAESTE.

What benefits will IAESTE offer my students?

An IAESTE traineeship offers students international work and academic experience, including:

  • placements in over 80 countries
  • course-related placements for science, engineering, technology and applied arts
  • salaries to cover the local cost of living
  • more academic confidence and higher academic goals
  • better communication skills

It also offers students personal development opportunities, including:

  • experience of living overseas
  • greater maturity and independence
  • the chance to develop foreign language skills
  • new friends and social skills.

How can I promote IAESTE within my university?

To spread the word about the IAESTE programme, you can:

  • direct your students to the opportunity page to find out how to apply
  • contact us to invite IAESTE alumni to talk to your classes or study groups
  • contact us if you would like our IAESTE promotional PowerPoint to present to your students
  • contact us to find out what IAESTE events are scheduled at your university
  • direct your colleagues in STEM-related departments to our website or tell them to contact us
  • ask your international office and careers advisers to raise awareness of the opportunities IAESTE offers your students.

If you wish to offer an IAESTE work placement to an IAESTE trainee at your university, please visit IAESTE for employers.

Overseas students should contact their local IAESTE office to make enquiries.

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