Introducing our fantastic finalists, listed In no particular order.

Hugo Cui, Switzerland

My name is Hugo. I'm 24, and currently pursuing my PhD in statistical physics and machine learning at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland. When not at the office, you can usually find me wandering about the city, on top of a mountain, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee. I’ll be representing Switzerland at the international FameLab rounds. See you there!

Fatima Omar, Qatar

Hi everyone! I’m Fatima, I’m 20 years old, and I am a final year physics and astrophysics student at the University of Birmingham in the UK. My main research interest is currently exoplanet habitability, specifically the characterisation of exoplanet atmospheres via spectroscopy! I think sharing in the quest to understand the nature of life in the cosmos is one way that we can work together to build a better future for all.

Hara Afaloniati, Greece

Hi! I’m Hara Afaloniati, a veterinarian, but not in the way you may think! I’m passionate about science, especially finding ways to communicate it in a simple and funny way. I’m currently a PhD student studying molecular biology, and dream of a cancer-free future. When I am not doing PCRs, you will find me trekking, caving or lindy-hopping. I believe my motto “be positive and smile” is the best medicine and it’s also free.

Eman Amer Egypt

Hi, I’m Eman. I’m 26 years old and I’m a dentist. I have been obsessed with public speaking, writing, art and science for as long as I can remember. My passion for writing has made me curious about human behaviour, and my medical background has given me lots of tools to explore it scientifically. I hope that my FameLab experience will give me new skills to help other people better understand and appreciate our very human experience.

Danny Daniels, Mexico

I’m Danny Daniels, a fellow earthling who desires nothing less than to walk outside my home to see fruits growing on trees, to hear pollinators buzzing around, and to breathe in fresh air and drink clean water from the stream on my way to work. This is not a dream but a reality that we can all share together, and I believe that not so deep down, this is who we all are and what we all want. 

Daniel Nesan, Malaysia

I am a plant scientist at BoomGrow, an indoor farming company, where I help develop more sustainable methods for providing fresh produce in urban environments. As a graduate student, my research focused on the remediation of polluted wastewater and runoff. I am broadly interested in food production and accessibility, as well as the development of environmentally friendly agricultural practices.  

Bozhidar Stefanov, Bulgaria

I’m Bozhidar (a.k.a. Dr. Bo), an Assistant Professor in Chemistry at TU Sofia. My research focuses on functional nanomaterials for photocatalysis and energy conversion (e.g., I design layers in which the light makes electrons go bananas and then try to bait them to the surface so that they do something useful with that extra energy). I spend my free time building gadgets, tinkering with electronics, and embroidering chemical clipart onto t-shirts and lab coats.

Becky Cummings, UK

I’m Becky, a PhD student in the University of Glasgow’s Materials and Condensed Matter Physics group. I study mirror coatings of gravitational wave detectors, which are huge astronomical instruments. Fully understanding the structure of all the materials in the detectors means that we can make them more sensitive, so they can investigate further into the universe! Outside of my research I like reading and baking.

Alex Cloherty, Netherlands

I’m Alex, a blogging, travelling, tandem bike-riding PhD candidate doing my doctoral research at the Amsterdam UMC.

By day, I study autophagy, the decluttering system of the cell, in the context of HIV-1, Dengue virus, and SARS-CoV-2 infections. By night, you can find me working on my science communication blog ‘Microbial Mondays’, re-watching ‘The Princess Bride’ for the gazillionth time, reading about sustainable living, or on bike paths in the Netherlands and beyond.

Ádám Radványi, Hungary

I’m Adam, a PhD student at ELTE, Budapest. I’m an evolutionary biologist, but I like to think of myself as an astrobiologist. My main area of research is the origin of life on Earth, but I also teach statistics and programming to undergraduates.

In my free time, I enjoy reading. A good science fiction novel can always impress me, and I am still inspired by my childhood dinosaur book collection that ultimately set me on this path.