Man wearing a hard hat and lanyard and holding a clipboard with a solar panel in background
We want to hear from those who are passionate about sharing their science and aspire to engage global audiences to take action to combat climate change. ©

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Your three-minute talk can focus on your area of expertise and interest, featuring:

  • Elements of your own climate change-related research
  • Examples where effective communication of trust in climate science has led to positive change
  • Stories of influential role models who are making a difference in terms of building trust in climate science
  • Impactful cultural or localised environmental research activity
  • Innovative science and technological research that could make a big difference to the public in the field of climate change.

Talks relating to COP26 priority areas are welcome (but this is not a requirement):

  • Adaptation and resilience: ‘Helping people, economies and the environment adapt and prepare for the impacts of climate change.’
  • Nature: ‘Safeguarding ecosystems, protecting natural habitats and keeping carbon out of the atmosphere.’
  • Energy transition: ‘Seizing the massive opportunities of cheaper renewables and storage.’
  • Accelerating the move to zero-carb on road transport: ‘By 2040, over half of new car sales worldwide are projected to be electric.’
  • Finance: ‘We need to unleash the finance which will make all of this possible and power the shift to a zero-carbon economy.’

Audiences and judges alike are waiting to be informed and inspired by FameLab Climate Change Communicators through:

Science: educate us and share your knowledge

Storytelling: engage us with compelling narrative

The ‘So what?’ tell us why we should care!

Please view our competition rules page for full entry and judging criteria.

Before starting your video entry, please also make sure you meet the eligibility criteria.

Once you're ready to start planning your entry, take a look at the FameLab YouTube channel for some ideas and inspiration from the FameLab community.

You can also sign up for an online introduction workshop to hear more from the competition organisers.