Meet the ten finalists for FameLab Climate Change Communicators - join us for the Online Final on 28 September 2021 and vote for your favourite talk!

Aditi Chandra (India)

My name is Aditi and I have a master's in nuclear science and engineering from MIT. I work on designing and building nuclear power plants in India. I've also worked at international organisations like CERN and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). I'm passionate about raising awareness about climate change and inspiring people to be a part of the solution. I love teaching science to kids, and I run an initiative to connect Indian children with scientists from around the world.

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Arka Chakraborty (Bangladesh)

I'm currently in my final year of undergraduate degree in Industrial Engineering from KUET. My research area is green supply chain management, integrating sustainable environmental processes with industrial revolution and environmental preservation.

As well as engineering, I am interested in history, nature, and sports. My motto is 'life is never perfect without a proper balance.' Of course, life is not perfect - but a perfect mixture of science, art, nature, and business complement our journey.

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Danny Joseph Daniels (Mexico)

I am a husband, father of four and mountain climber who loves photography. My passion is building projects that create meaningful impact in our daily lives. As an ecotrepreneur, a big part of my job is collaborating with climate science and creating solutions for our climate crisis. My current project is the science of worm technology. My team and I are developing a mass vermicast production model to help phase out chemicals in agriculture and recycle as much of our organic waste worldwide.

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Emiliane Daher Pereira (Brazil)

I'm a mother, wife, teacher and researcher and am passionate about science and scientific communication. I love to travel and learn about different cultures. I graduated in pharmacy and hold an MSc and a DSc in STEM. I use interdisciplinarity in different areas of research to improve the quality of life of future generations. I dream of being able to share scientific knowledge for the greatest number so that everyone can understand the importance of science as a tool for a better future.

John Leo Algo (Philippines)

I am a climate and environment advocate, and Deputy Executive Director of Living Laudato Si Philippines (LLS), an interfaith movement campaigning for divestment and sustainable development. I've represented the Philippines and the youth sector in regional and global UN conferences since 2017. I'm a citizen journalist focusing on climate and environmental issues. I gained my MS degree in Atmospheric Science from the Ateneo de Manila University in 2018.

Larissa Cunha Pinheiro (Brazil)

I’m a chemical engineer with a master's in Nuclear Engineering. Currently, I'm a PhD candidate in Nuclear Engineering at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). Inspired by the red blood cell cross-sectional shape, my thesis investigates how the optimization of nuclear fuel rods shape might lead to a better heat dissipation. I’m dedicating myself to study the mechanisms of climate change and the energy transition challenges and opportunities to a more sustainable future.

Mayur Bonkile (India)

I'm a creative young researcher from IIT Bombay, India, working on the 'Li-ion Battery' that we use in our cell phones. I'm exploring various possibilities of coupling Li-ion batteries with renewable energy sources. In my PhD research, I analysed solar-PV + Wind + battery hybrid power systems to improve their financial feasibility, safety and performance. I always look forward to mixing my passion for research and theatre to come up with something interesting.

Minh Anh Le (Vietnam)

I am 21 years old and I'm currently pursuing a double major in Business and Television at Fairfield University in USA. I work at the Institute of Health Economics and Technology as a research assistant, specializing in sociocultural and behavioral theory. I am also actively engaged in a national research project aimed at fostering the innovation and creativity of a global network of young Vietnamese scholars.

Navjeet Kaur (India)

Hola everyone, I’m Navjeet. I’m 32 years old, and I'm working as a lecturer and PhD scholar in the University of Mumbai. My research domain is the field of nanotechnology which involves very very small things. I realise that life is all about looking down deep inside and appreciating the nuances of nature including us. The small things (or rather ‘nano’ things) we exchange with each other on daily basis are actually the ones that create substance and meaning to life.

Pallavi Pokharel (Nepal)

Hello, I'm Pallavi Pokharel. I am 23 years old, a recent environment graduate from Kathmandu University, Nepal. I am a climate activist who has been actively participating and volunteering in different cohorts and workshops aligned to the theme of climate change. Currently I am working on an online start up that helps consumers to maximize their positive impact by shifting to a sustainable lifestyle. I plan to pursue my career in climate science and make this my core area of research in future.