Why enter?

The prestige of winning an Alumni Award is far reaching; the benefits to awardees include enhanced global status and strengthened professional networks.

Enhancing success

All award finalists will be invited to a prestigious award ceremony in their country, with PR and press opportunities that raise their profile and sharing their success with international audiences. Following the events, awardees will be invited to join our panel of judges, to participate in the judging of future award competitions.     

Widening networks

Finalists have the opportunity to connect with fellow high-calibre and successful alumni as well as influential guests at their award ceremony, extending and building their professional networks and contacts. 

What our award winners say

Here are just some of the benefits that award winners have gained since receiving their award:

  • Opportunities to connect with people of influence at the award ceremony, and afterwards: in Delhi, April 2016, Alumni Award winners in India met the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at the Queen’s 90th birthday party celebrations 
  • Press and PR opportunities and increased regional/national/global profile: Alumni Award winners have been featured in the Financial Times, and national newspapers of participating countries, for example Jakarta Post in Indonesia, and Al Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.
  • Professional contacts and connections
  • Reconnecting with UK university and the UK: finalists’ UK university is invited to send a representative to the award ceremony
  • Having a platform to be able to share experiences of UK education/career with others (particularly young people.)
 'After the competition we feel a lot closer – like brothers and sisters – and we share a lot of the same thinking,’ said Ella Wang, recipient of the Social Impact Award in China, 2015. 

‘I now want to promote UK education to more students in China and motivate them to apply for the awards, using my case as an example.’