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How to prepare to apply yourself, or nominate someone, for an Alumni Award 2017

1. Check the eligibility criteria and read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find out if you are eligible for the Alumni Awards 2017. 

Read the FAQs at the bottom of the page.

2. Choose the award category

Decide which category your success and achievements best fit, from the three award categories below.  

Professional Achievement Award

This award recognises alumni who have distinguished themselves through exemplary leadership and achievements in their professional industry, and who can demonstrate the impact and scale of their achievements in their profession, and beyond.

Entrepreneurial Award

Successful applicants in this category will be active in initiating, or contributing to, innovative new business opportunities with strong growth prospects.

Social Impact Award

The Social Impact Award acknowledges alumni who have made an exceptional contribution and commitment to creating positive social change and improving the lives of others.

For inspiration, check out the profiles of award winners and finalists from the Alumni Awards 2016. 

3. Prepare a statement

If you are applying yourself, you will need to answer three short questions on the application form to explain how your UK higher education has contributed to your success and why you think you should be considered for an Alumni Award 2017. Please see the Judging Criteria for further guidance on what the judges are looking for.

4. Gather supporting documents

If you have applied yourself or been nominated, you will need to upload the following documents into your application form:

  • Current CV/resume


You may also wish to upload additional material to support your application (for example links to project websites, news articles, video/audio content).

As an optional extra, we also invite you to make a one minute (maximum) video about the impact of your UK study experience on your achievements: i.e. your experience of studying in the UK and where it has taken you (the impact that you have made, using what you learned in the UK). Please see the FAQs for further guidance. 

5. Apply or nominate here

Click here to go to the application and nomination portal.

Nominations will close at 23.59 GMT, Sunday 16 October 2016

Applications will close at 23.59, Monday 31 October 2016