The British Council-Botswana, in partnership with Thapong Visual Arts Centre, is launching an open call for emerging local artists to create engaging cross-disciplinary contemporary art projects. This is an inaugural and historic creative arts project that aims to establish and empower young emerging artists in the production of new creative and innovative work that will reach out to new audiences.


Three artists will be selected to showcase new artworks for an exhibition at the end of June. 


Project Expectations

We are offering artists the opportunity to submit project proposals that demonstrate: 

  • Creation of new artworks that breaks barriers and is a fresh presentation of new approaches to creative art-making Botswana.
  • Appropriation of local narratives or contexts and re-telling them through new perspectives. 
  • Encourages public participation and evoking social dialogue on a multiplicity of emerging issues.
  • To reach new audiences across all demographics. 
  • Versatile artwork that can be showcased in the gallery and in the open public space.

As part of the exhibition, each artist will be given mentoring in lead up to the exhibition by an international art professional. Artists will be expected to develop presentations on their work, be available for workshops and to complete reports at the end of the project. 


Project eligibility and selection

This opportunity is open to young emerging artists from Botswana aged between 18-35 years. Applicants should send a 200-word description of their proposed project, a one page CV and up to eight images of their artwork or links to websites or videos. 


Applications will be selected by a panel of arts industry professionals from Botswana, Zimbabwe, South Africa and the UK. 


Project Budget

Each artist will be given an award of BWP 30 000.00 per towards the development and production of new artwork for the exhibition. 



Applications should be submitted no later than the 29th April 2019, 4.30pm CAT to the following email:

Please note that late submissions will not be accepted and unsuccessful applicants will be notified via email.

About Thapong Visual Arts Centre

Thapong provides a venue for the visual arts in Botswana through maintaining studios, Residencies and workshops. The workshops promote the sharing of art skills and stimulation of professional artists, school leavers, and art teachers. They can either be of two-week duration or shorter and weekend workshops have also being run.

Instructors are professionals from in and outside Botswana, if available, from other International workshops and the workshop Network generally. As professional visiting artists, they provide stimulation and a fresh perspective.
The Thapong Visual Art Centre was established in 1998 as it became clear that more workshops were needed with a full-time venue. Very basic Artists’ Studios have been built , the main house renovated and in 2005, the tents that housed the workshops have been replaced with an airy shed.
Residencies were being instituted in 2002 whereby a professional artist from another country works in Botswana for a couple of months, alongside local artists. Small outreach workshops are held and the artist exhibits at the end of the period with the Centre artists.

Art is for Everyone; it is about stimulating your creativity and being a whole person in a whole society. It is a way to learn to be yourself through expressing yourself and your ideas about life, your society, your being.