Made with Love

new Art new Audiences is an annual grant scheme open to artists, arts organisations and art collectives across Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan and South Sudan Uganda, Tanzania, and the UK to create new art to showcase to audiences across the UK and East Africa.

We are excited to announce this year’s grantees:

Ethiopiyawi meets Grime   

No Hats No Hoods Records (UK), Ethiopia Records (ET), and Tilet Media (ET) will collaborate on a month-long residency in Addis Abba that brings together Kenyan Afrobeats artists , Grime Producers/MC's Blakie, Scrufizzer, traditional Ethiopian instrumentalists and Ethiopiyawi producers to explore a fusion of traditional Ethiopian folk music, Hip Hop, Reggae, Afrobeats and Grime. The residency will culminate in a live performance and an EP release


No Hats No Hoods Records               London, England

Afrobeats Artists                                 Nairobi, Kenya

Ethiopia Records and Tilet Media       Addis Abba Ethiopia

Dance Out!

Outdoors traditional urban meetup   

Three diverse dance companies: Destino (ET); Batalo East (UG); and Company Chameleon (UK) will develop a collaborative outdoor public performance that builds on shared experience and expertise in choreography, youth engagement, and traditional-contemporary dance fusions.   


Destino                                    Addis Ababa. Ethiopia

Company Chameleon            Manchester, UK

Batalo East                              Uganda

Nafacity: Innovation in the Public Realm

#nafacity brings together architecture, urban design, craft, fabric design and digital fabrication to create public spaces for innovation. Through this collaboration, the artists and the audience will explore how design can change the perception of their cities including; Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar, Kigali, Addis Ababa and London.


Alida Bata (Architect and Urban Designer, Nafacity Studio, UK)

Anne Kamugisha (Designer, The Pallets Furniture, TZ)

Rizwan Janmohammed (Designer, Aromas of Zanzibar)

In wider collaboration with designers from Dar es Salaam, Kigali, Addis Ababa and London

Body of Land

Body of Land is a cross-media collaboration between two lens-based artists Sekai Machache (SCT) and Awuor Onyango (KE) that uses traditional performance and play to re-imagine the symbols and rituals of East African and diaspora femininity in a digital age to tell new stories.           


Sekai Machache         Dundee, Scotland

Awuor Onyango           Nairobi, Kenya

Fòcas Scotland            Scotland 

Body of Land is produced by Fòcas Scotland in wider collaboration with Kuona Trust, British Institute of East African Studies and other arts organisations in East Africa.

RadioBook Rwanda

This collaboration will create a new imprint for Huza Press (RW) that produces short stories by contemporary Rwandan writers both as podcasts and pocket-sized books inspired by and co-edited by Kwani? (KE). The imprint will employ No Bindings (UK) innovative approaches to form and community publishing and will launch with editions of three short stories shared in community arts and library spaces and on local radio in Kigali, Nairobi and Bristol


Huza Press     Kigali, Rwanda

Kwani?            Nairobi, Kenya

No Bindings     Bristol, UK

We are excited to share more on these projects in the coming months. Do check in with us mid-November for updates.