Calling all East African artists and cultural practitioners!

Apply for a Mobility East Africa Travel Grant for your chance to participate, engage and explore contemporary art across East Africa.

Why Mobility?

We see mobility as movement, but also as building relationships and creating connections. 

We believe mobility is both travelling across national borders, and also collaborating with new communities that are right around your corner. 

The East Africa Travel Grant therefore supports mobility for East African artists that facilitate meaningful connections to nurture, inspire and/or catalyse your work.

Who is the Grant for?

•The grant is accessible to artists, cultural practitioners, researchers and curators looking to create new connections between the countries of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Ethiopia.

•Successful applicants will be expected to share their travel experience through the creation and distribution of a 3 minute video.

•To follow the journeys we’ve supported so far, see:  

The Mobility East Africa Travel Grant is co-produced by the British Council’s East Africa Arts programme, the DOEN Foundation, plus anonymous donors. If you would like to join our venture please email:

How to apply

To apply, simply produce a: three-minute video (preferred); or fill in this application form answering the following questions. Note: when creating the video, please upload it to YouTube or Vimeo and paste the link to the video into the application form  

1.Where do you want to go, why, and what will you do when you’re there? (Please give details on what the opportunity is, why it’s important to you, and how it will contribute to your artistic practice).

2.How will you share your journey with others? (When you arrive to your destination who will you connect with? And on return to your home how will you share the video that you create about the journey, and who will you share it with? Why do you want to make these new connections and what do you think they will lead to?)

3.What are the dates for travel? (Are these dates flexible, why is it important that you travel then?)

You need to answer all three questions with their associated details for your application to be considered.  

Selection Criteria

The selection team will be looking for applications that:

•Show generous and innovative ways of sharing your travel experience with others, both online and offline;

•Demonstrate a clear connection to how this travel experience will support your artistic practice;

•Exhibit an interest in building community and connections between artists and art sectors in East Africa. Note: in order to ensure your travel will be embedded into context, the application should describe at least one community/person/organisation that you will connect to in the host location you are travelling to. 

The East Africa Travel Grant offers £1,000 per person. 

This fund is exclusively for East African nationals and residents looking to travel to, or within, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda or Ethiopia.

You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your application but unfortunately, due to high demand of this grant, we only contact successful applicants.

Rolling Grant Cycle

The Mobility East Africa grant programme accepts applications all year round.

You can apply at any time but grant review can take up to 2 months.

Only applications submitted through the form will be considered.